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by Fionacwormwell. Numbered tiles 'igh' phoneme alt Open the box. by Rowechris. 2018-07-26 Make Take & Teach - instructional materials for small Long I: igh, ie, y - Long i (i_e, igh, ie, e) - Long i- 'igh' and 'ie' - Long I: ie, igh, y - Long i (i, y, ie, igh) - Long i Challenge (i, i_e, igh, ie) How can children practise 'igh', 'ie', 'i-e' and 'y'? Get children practising their sounds using these matching cards. Children can select the image that matches the sound or vice versa.

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3) To resign from your job, hand in your resignation. 4) A malign tumour is malignant; a benign one is not malignant. For more on silent letters, see Unit 22. 2017-03-05 Circle the -y sound below. oa -y igh ai ee -y i-e igh -y or er th.

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Learn this spelling list using the 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' activity. Spelling games using the word list: igh i-e y yie i. Test yourself using the 'Listen and Spell' spelling test.

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this week we're focusing on the long i sound in one syllable words. in the download you'll find four  1 day ago Long vowel i worksheets ie , igh i e and –y . credits y i e igh y or er th write 6 y words match the word to the picture fly cry sky fry . Literacy center:  VideoLink lets you share videos on YouTube easily, without distracting third-party content or advertisements.

I ie igh y words

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I ie igh y words

I have created a  '-igh-', '-ie-' and '-i-e-' and the words bright, light, night, pie, tie, like, shine and fine. Show Video.

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, hum- mer l o bster. , ri k- ti g right, ldt- sa to WE IGH TS. (Vikt ). 1 ki l ogram. student is not familiar with any of the pictures, name each picture. before beginning the game.

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